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Onderwerp Searching our 123GT

Searching our 123GT 07 jan 2014 20:12 #136046

  • Ben Ekeler (GAST)
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Ik kreeg een mailtje uit Zwitserland:

Searching our 123GT

Dear Volvo Fan !
I'm searching for our Volvo 123GT,
It's a family car, bought new in Switzerland by my grandfather.
Was sold by my late father around 1997.
Volvo 123GT 1968
VIN: 133351 P 290765
Color: Dark Green
Located/Registered in Switzerland until 1997
Original Swiss license plates: VD 22935
Any thoughts? Leads? Connections? or Search method ideas?
Many thanks for your help and feedback !
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Searching our 123GT 08 jan 2014 09:40 #136057

  • Steven Bleeker
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Ik heb een mailtje naar 123GT register gestuurd. Misschien dat zij hem kunnen vinden onder hun leden.

Searching our 123GT 09 jan 2014 11:01 #136082

  • Skidje Diks
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zie onderstaand bericht van een zwitser die op zoek is naar zijn 123GT van zijn Opa.


Hello dear Volvo community,

Here is my
story. I am born in Feb 1968, two days after my grand-father got his brand new
Volvo 123GT. It was alway a joke theme about who will get his baby first between
him and my mother. When he passed away, my grand-mother drove the car until 1980
and handover the car to my father. I spent some miles in the car and I remember
driving it alone for the first time the day I got my license. Unfortunately, he
sold it in 1997, at this time, I didn't had the money and the space to keep it.
My father died last year and I found in his paperworks an old register with some
useful informations about the car. So now I am trying to find it back. I still
hope I will find somewhere an invoice with the name of the buyer, but I

So here are the vital statistics of this Volvo:

Bought: Feb. 1968 in Geneva
Licenced in Switzerland
VIN: 133351 P
Color: Dark Green
Sold: October 1997

Apparently, it has
disappeared from Swiss register at this date. The car has been probably sold in

Any help to track this car with be really


Searching our 123GT 09 jan 2014 17:09 #136088

  • Mathieu van den Bosch
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Ik heb geprobeerd een maat van me te bellen, die heeft in 1997/1998 een groene GT uit Zwitserland gehaald. Na een paar jaar heeft hij hem weer verkocht. Hij was niet thuis dus van avond probeer ik het weer.
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Searching our 123GT 26 jan 2014 20:38 #136713

  • Colonel Moutarde Marc
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(Sorry to write in english). I am trying to locate the green 123GT bought by my grand-father in 1968 and sold around 1999/2000 by my father who died last year. After looking in my father paperworks, I have found an old swiss registry certificate of the car including the VIN and I decided to try to find this family car back to know a little bit more about her history. According to my uncle who didn't participated to the sale, the car was sold to a dutch collector or seller living in Switzerland at the time of the sale, but for the dutch veteran car market.

So any informations will be welcome to trace the car. Here are her vital satistics:

Volvo 123GT dark green LHD
VIN 133351 P 290765
Bought Feb. 1968 in Geneva, Switzerland
Sold around 1999 in Switzerland

Thank you very much,

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