volvo amazon custom 1964

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26-06-2002 14:51 #56720 door
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Hi I´m a guy in sweden that is looking for a special car that were sold fromsweden to holland for like two years ago.It´s a Volvo Amazon 1964 that is built like a custom car chopped roof 6" nolists ore emblems and so on the classic custom tricks.I can get pretty much information about it here in sweden if that could help in the searching.And i also wonders if someone have seen it or know whos the owner is or if the owner sees this or if someone knows if it´s sold to another country or something like that maybe you could mail me the information you have about it.I would be very happy if you guys herecould help me with this beucause that car means a lot for me.If the owner or someone that knows the owner sees this i just want to say that i want to buy that car. Michael Bergman ,Husqvarna, Sweden

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