Volvo meeting in Kolding Denenmarken 7 september

Op zaterdag en zondag 7 en 8 september is er weer de jaarlijkse Volvo-meeting, georganiseerd door  onze deense vrienden in Kolding, Denemarken.Kolding

Het geheel vindt voor de 7e keer plaats in de SMIDSTRUP HALLEN in Kolding, en er waren vorig jaar erg veel verschillende nationaliteiten aanwezig. het programma omvat o.a. kinderspel, concours mooiste Volvo, een veiling en een diner....kamperen kan gratis van donderdag tot zondag op het naastgelegen voetbalveld!

Het programma zoals onze vrienden dat gestuurd hebben:

Welcome to the 27. Volvo meeting, at SMIDSTRUP HALLEN, who kindly have lent us there footballfield. It is NOT allowed to use tents on the camper to save space to other campers.. Price to enter: 50 kr.( 8 Euro),

Saturday 7 september:

At: 7.30- 9.00 Breakfast, and coffee inside the sportarena

At:. 9.00

The site opens, all sellers must be ready

At.: 9.00-14.00


At.: 9.30-14.00  Childrens activities, there will be a jumpingcasle for free all day

At.: 10.00-13.30 All Volvo's are beeing judged by the public… until 13:30 o´clock

At.: 13.00-14.00  AUCTION at the scene, fine sponsored things will be set on auction, everyone can give in bets.

At.: 15.00 All winnercars will get a fag in the windscreen, and have won a price at 16:30 o’clock

At.: 15.15 Gifts for the children will be handed out, for well done in different childrengames

At.: 15:30 Danish flags will be put at the cars to show who has won prices..

At.: 16.30 Gifts for the finest Volvo at the site will be handed out, there will be a Danish flag in the windshield, if you have won. If the car is not at the site at the time, the gift goes to the next on the list.

At.: 18.30 There will be served an exellent dinner, dessert, and after that there will be auction and music.

The dinner will again be sold to a very favorit price.!!!  Please hold own drinks at your own tent or wagon, please do not drink own drinks in the sportsarena.

Sunday 8 september:

At.: 8.00– 10.00 Breakfast

At: 10.00-15.00 Your welcome to help out tighding up the site, please hold the place around your own tent or wagon clean.

The carhouse: AUTOHUSET VESTERGAARD in Kolding has sponsored the 4 trophys for the models 30:90

For further info about the meeting, please contact:

Thomas Jørgensen +45 31 167 245

Rights reserved to make changes in the program.

Participation in the meeting are on own risk and responsibility!!

Driving at the site: MAX 10 km/h, Please show respect.